Marching with the Squad 7 Crew

Squad 7 \ Image: BJ Savage
Squad 7 Image: BJ Savage
Squad 7 \ Image: BJ Savage
Squad 7 \ Image: BJ Savage

It was no ordinary Easter Sunday when members of Squad 7 and Rakura Base marched down the streets of historic St. Augustine, in the annual St. Augustine Easter Parade. Hundreds of spectators were awed by Darth Bunny and his Bunny troopers as they handed out their Imperial eggs and trading cards to onlooking children. There was even a tutu competition that’s becoming an ongoing Easter tradition for the ladies in the squad. The impact left on fans during the parade can be witnessed in dozens of Youtube videos, Tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram photos! It was another fun and exciting year to march in Florida’s oldest city.

Squad 7, Wolfson's Hospital Visit \ Image: BJ Savage
Squad 7, Wolfson’s Hospital Visit \ Image: BJ Savage

One of the most rewarding parts of being in the 501st Legion is putting smiles on the faces of ill children. Today Squad 7 was given the opportunity to visit patients in Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital. Darth Vader & company went room to room, spreading cheer and brightening the day for many children, and their parents as well. Many parents and staff members were thrilled to take pictures with their Imperial guests, and invited us to come back soon.

Now, off to MegaCon in Orlando, and then to Celebration VII in California! Because that’s how we roll.

BJ Savage, TK-5955
Squad Leader, Squad 7