Everglades Invades Museum of Discovery and Science

Member of the Everglades Squad were out in force to help support the opening of the new “To Fly” Exhibit at the¬†Museum of Discovery and Science in¬†Fort Lauderdale.

Source: Sun Sentinel – Johnny Diaz

Beginning Dec. 19, you can experience being in the captain’s seat of those planes at the Museum of Discovery and Science in Fort Lauderdale, which is launching a redesigned aviation exhibit.

Visitors can check out the redesigned aviation station of the Museum of Discovery and Science in Fort Lauderdale.

“To Fly,” the new permanent exhibition area features a 7D-multisensory capsule with moving seats and a high-definition 3D-film that showcases different planes. There are five cockpit simulators where people can climb inside and command one of the following aircraft: F22 Raptor, FA-18 Blue Angel, a Cessna 172 and an Air Bus A380.

Other new displays include the “Feel the Lift” feature, which allows visitors to try on a pair of giant wings and stand in front of a wind machine to see what it feels like to fly like a bird.

And to get a birds’ eye view of Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, there’s a wall-sized mural that captures that vantage point as well as a diagram of an Air Bus A380.

And if you’ve wondered how those big planes lift off the ground, there’s “Plane Stuff,” another section that allows visitors to compare the different kinds of metals used in building the planes.
Nearby, museum-goers can marvel at the tail section of a Lear Jet and a 15-foot high landing gear from an Air Bus 300.

To get a sense of how many planes are in the air at one time, there’s real live footage available on an Air Craft Situation Display.